Jesus said he came to give us life to the fullest.

We are a community of Jesus followers who are committed to responding to God's love and guidance in all aspects of our lives. We believe that seeking first His Kingdom and righteousness is what allows us to experience the fullest life imaginable.

What to Expect...

Guests, Friends, Family. This is the progression of deepening relationships with God and with each other, and you're invited to join us on this journey! Stay a guest as long as you like, we're happy to serve you. But stick around long enough and you're bound to make some friends, and serving together deepens our connection with God and people. These connections create a life-transforming environment that enables real intimacy, a place to know and be known. In a word: Family!



Anyone is welcome to come join us during our Sunday services. Sunday's are a great opportunity to come find out who we are and learn more about who Jesus is.



Friendships are built through shared experiences. Serving in one of our many ministries is a great way to make deeper connections with others and learn more about Jesus' heart.



 Our ultimate goal is to be a place where everyone gets to experience the family of God. Intimacy with each other and God is what family is all about.