Sunday Message

David & God's Family

Message Date: 5/26/2019

Christie Ortiz, one of our kids church coordinators, shares a message about King David's life and how it instructs us to break off old patterns of family brokenness and personal sin. At the end of the message a powerful life change testimony is shared by Hillary Colvin.

Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday

***Podcast contains detailed discussion on Human Reproduction and Anatomy,
Parental Discretion is Advised***

In celebration of Sanctity of Human Life Day, Pastor Cindy discusses the God-designed process of how human life begins, shares some of her experience working for a crisis pregnancy center, and has Cathy Mata share her testimony.

Gifts From Dad Part 4

Pastor Jeff delivers part 4 of our series on the The Lord’s Prayer, this time focusing on the section of the prayer regarding forgiveness. One of God the Father’s greatest gifts to His children is forgiveness, and He expects His kids to give this gift to others as generously as we’ve received it from Him.

Gifts From Dad Part 2

Pastor Jeff continues a series on the gifts that God the Father gives to us through the Lord's Prayer. The second gift is that of surrender. When we pray for God’s will to be done, we must also fully surrender our will to experience all that God has for us. Pastor Jeff ends the message with a challenge to take inventory of the important things in our lives and invite God’s will into those areas through the gift of surrender.

Gifts From Dad

This week we present an opportunity to help victims of the California Fires. Then Pastor Jeff begins a series on the gifts that God the Father gives to us through the Lord's Prayer. The first gift is that of thankfulness. Thankfulness is the key that unlocks the Father's blessings, which is why it's the first part of the Lord's Prayer. Pastor Jeff ends the message with a challenge to spend just 5 minutes a day being thankful.

2018 Christmas Missions Launch

Join Pastor Chris as he announces our 2018 Christmas Outreaches. This year we are supporting our first two home-grown missionaries! Listen to them share the burden that the Lord has placed upon them, learn more as Pastor Chris interviews them, and then see how you can get involved.

Walking with the Holy Spirit

Pastor Jeff talks about how to walk with the Holy Spirit. Jesus knew we’d need this gift this power in our lives to become like him. To step out of our dysfunction, our pain, our unforgiveness. To lay down our addictions, our prejudices. That we’d need this power to step into the full free live he’s always wanted for us.