Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday

***Podcast contains detailed discussion on Human Reproduction and Anatomy,
Parental Discretion is Advised***

In celebration of Sanctity of Human Life Day, Pastor Cindy discusses the God-designed process of how human life begins, shares some of her experience working for a crisis pregnancy center, and has Cathy Mata share her testimony.

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Pastor Chris takes a look through the old and new testament to see what the Bible says about how the Holy Spirit works today. We start with a quick look at how some of the symbols and promises/covenants of the old testament point towards new testament truths and progress to a close look at many of the new testament scriptures that explain the relationship we are to have with the Holy Spirit.

One Another-ing Each Other: Prayer Pt 2

This week Pastor Jeff continues discussing how we are to pray for one another. Praying for one another is a powerful way to break isolation, discouragement, shame, and hopelessness. Amanda Stout shares a life-change testimony of how her breakthrough came in prayer. From there Pastor Jeff discusses the barriers in our lives that keep us from experiencing the power of praying for each other in our own lives.

One Another-ing Each Other: Prayer Pt 1

Pastor Jeff starts a new series entitled One Another-ing Each Other based on Jesus' words in John 17:20-23. Jesus tells us that God’s  heart  is  that  we  would  really  be  for  one  another!    That  we’d  become  “mature  in  this  one-ness”  so  that  we’d  experience  a  HUGE  blessing  of  heaven  here  on  earth  and  share  that  love  with  a  lost  and  hurting  world. 

The first part of this series focuses on how praying for one another removes isolation and brings us together.