Gifts From Dad Part 4

Pastor Jeff delivers part 4 of our series on the The Lord’s Prayer, this time focusing on the section of the prayer regarding forgiveness. One of God the Father’s greatest gifts to His children is forgiveness, and He expects His kids to give this gift to others as generously as we’ve received it from Him.

2018 Christmas Missions Launch

Join Pastor Chris as he announces our 2018 Christmas Outreaches. This year we are supporting our first two home-grown missionaries! Listen to them share the burden that the Lord has placed upon them, learn more as Pastor Chris interviews them, and then see how you can get involved.

Breaking Chains: The Spirit of Poverty Part 2

Pastor Jeff delivers part 2 of the message on breaking the spirit of poverty. After a quick recap of part 1 he gives an old testament example of God's generosity at work. He then shares a personal testimony of how a spirit of generosity has changed his life.

Breaking Chains of the Spirit of Poverty - Part 1

Pastor Jeff continues through the breaking chains series with part 1 of a message on breaking the spirit of poverty over our lives. The early church demonstrated God's generosity in powerful ways, but many of us fall short of that example today. Pastor Jeff examines how the fear of wealth and the fear of lack produce a poverty mindset in our lives that keeps us from living generously.