Breaking Chains Series

Breaking Chains: The Spirit of Poverty Part 2

Pastor Jeff delivers part 2 of the message on breaking the spirit of poverty. After a quick recap of part 1 he gives an old testament example of God's generosity at work. He then shares a personal testimony of how a spirit of generosity has changed his life.

Breaking Chains of the Spirit of Poverty - Part 1

Pastor Jeff continues through the breaking chains series with part 1 of a message on breaking the spirit of poverty over our lives. The early church demonstrated God's generosity in powerful ways, but many of us fall short of that example today. Pastor Jeff examines how the fear of wealth and the fear of lack produce a poverty mindset in our lives that keeps us from living generously.

Breaking Chains of the Power of the Tongue

Pastor Cindy adds another installment to the breaking chains series as she tackles the taming of the tongue. Listen along as she shares from the book of James on how the tongue holds the power of life and death. Learn how the first step in breaking the power of negative words spoken over you is repenting for the negative words that you've spoken over others.

Breaking the Chains of Anxiety

Pastor Chris continues the series on allowing God to break the chains that hold us back from fully living by examining how anxiety is our indicator that we need a deeper connection with God. Hear about some of the cognitive distortions that lead to anxiety and learn how fear drives us into an anxiety cycle. Finally learn about God's three ingredients for getting out of this cycle: Grace, Truth, and Time. Allowing these three things to transform us is how God brings us into his shalom - the peace that surpasses understanding.